Aerialists: Xara

Location: The Netherlands

  XaraImpact Artists  

Xara represents a young, new company that creates and performs dynamic acrobatic acts, in which dance, aerial acrobatics, strength and elegance are fused into a breathtaking body art.
Acts offered include:

Tissu (Aerial Silks)
The 10 meter long silks come to life and become one with the acrobats
body. Dynamic drops from great heights will raise your heartbeat…
Poetical pictures will leave you wondering…
Let the breathtaking body-art seduce you….

Duo Tissu
The long red sensual silks are the basis for a challenging aerial act between 2 women.They challenge each other, and push their limits of trust. Within their daring aerial work they show both power and grace. Their movements of rythm, shape and expression creates a truly unique duo in these red silks

Aerial Ring
While spinning through the air these two woman feature symmetry. With rythm and grace they move within the ring, which invokes gracefull shapes and defies the dimensions of gravity.

Xara Xara Xara
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