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Location: UK

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The Wrong Size is a London based company established since in 1992. They use ensemble Stilts and Aerial skills to create stunning visual spectaculars, cabaret and character based walkabout. Their work is international, humour being a bridge for the surreal and abstract, thus making it accessible. By allowing circus to be influenced by other forms such as Butoh, Yoga, Suzuki and text based theatre they have developed a unique company style, defining their work as off the ground, in suspension, dancing with gravity.

Costumes include:
The Lightwalkers

The Lightwalkers:
Utterly unique and futuristically advanced, these costumes use an LED colour lighting system. They can change to any colour in time to music or whim with their computer systems. They perform a beautiful choreography of changing lights, tight movement and dexterous flags. This can be extended to a full 15 minute show called 'Aurora' working with the Gandinis and 'Airlight.'

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