Aerialists: Petra Lange - Wrapped

Location: Germany

Petra Lange - WrappedImpact Artists   Petra Lange - WrappedImpact Artists

a sensual and exciting experience of physical art

From out of nowhere a woman on a rope appears from above, moving slowly and smoothly to mystical sounds of music. Red feathers are floating from the sky...
With powerful elegance the artist moves through knots and loops. Effortlessly she manipulates her rope, endlessly falling and catching herself.
A gripping story about an everlasting yearning and the search for one's path in life unfolds. Seemingly weightless, the rope and woman merge into a symbiosis of sensuality and passion.
Beautiful choreographies are followed by breathtaking drops and captivating moments of stillness. As if drawn by an invisible force the artist moves all the way up to the top over and over again, while the audience is mesmerized by this explosion of energy and unique aerial artistry.

Petra Lange - Wrapped Petra Lange - Wrapped Petra Lange - Wrapped Petra Lange - Wrapped Petra Lange - Wrapped
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