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Rock concert meets silent film.

Charlie Chaplin and Green Day on 20 cups of coffee.

That's Vox Lumiere.

Vox Lumiere is an exciting and radical retelling of timeless movie masterpieces. Vox Lumiere's unique live performance combines original music, theater, multimedia and silent film to create a completely new entertainment experience.

Vox Lumiereé─˘s singers, dancers and band perform original live new music that weaves together with classic silent film in a thrilling retelling of the great movie masterpieces in history. And, Vox Lumiere "translates" into any language -- because the music is universal, and the filmsé─˘ intertitles are easily recreated in any language.

The music crosses a variety of styles from alternative, to pop, to electronic to classical, and Vox Lumiere currently offers five (5) different productions including:

- The Hunchback Of Notre Dame
- Metropolis
- The Phantom of the Opera
- Peter Pan
- Vox Lumiereé─˘s The Greatest Moments in Silent Film, highlights from all VOX productions.

In just a few years, VOX LUMIERE has performed throughout the US and Europe receiving awards, and excellent critical and audience reviews. Vox Lumiere was also honored by the Cinematheque Francaise with a special performance in Paris.

Vox Lumiere Vox Lumiere Vox Lumiere Vox Lumiere Vox Lumiere
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Press Credits:
"... absolutely riveting..."
- The Los Angeles Times

"Vox Lumiere joins Cirque de Soleil, Stomp and other one-of-a-kind theatrical experiences audiences crave!"
- The Daily Breeze

"Musicians, singers and dancers performing along with silent film. How friggin' cool is that!?"

"A multidimensional, high-decibel blast of visual and auditory splendor."
- Dallas Morning News (USA)