Weird: Voltini

Location: UK

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Voltini - Electrical Mayhem:
The Great Voltini, with the voluptuous Nurse Electra by his side, performs a one of a kind High Voltage Electrocution Show; featuring:

* 500,000 Volt Anal Electrocution
* The Exotic and Erotic Human Light Socket
* The Electrified Bosom of Fire
* A Magnificent Lightning Display
* The Human Toaster
* Vodka Powered Lightbulb

and many more High Voltage Novelties designed to Amuse and Amaze!

100% Genuine Electrocution - Has to be Seen to be Believed.

"...and for the final touch, to give it some class,
I'll shove an electrode, right up my arse!" - Voltini

Voltini Voltini Voltini
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"How amazing is That!" - Graham Norton