Jugglers: Viktor Kee

Location: Ukraine

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.....Then, in a moment that only Kee determines, he jumps out onstage and for a second he is perfectly still as the audience takes in this sensual, sinewy creature. His dark eyes glowing, his bald head glistening, he is a man of complete confidence, ambition and passion. He is a self-possessed panther, a superhero for the super-id. He is a juggler like you've never seen before.
He quickly zeroes in on a few faces in the first few rows. He will perform for them. Then he begins. A beautiful woman, hanging many feet above, drops a white ball to him, a gift from a goddess, then another, and another. At first he juggles with the delicacy of a miniaturist but then his moves grow bolder, empowered by the rhythmic pulse of the music. His body twists and turns, stretches and contorts, but with finesse, precision and power of a danseur noble. All the while the balls orbit around him, seemingly not even glancing off his fingertips but simply following his will as they dance in space when they're not gliding over, down and along every path of his body.
Kee is riding the wave now, like an expert surfer who knows he just got a hall pass from Mother Nature. He's in control, and he can do anything because now the balls are in his court......

Viktor Kee Viktor Kee Viktor Kee Viktor Kee Viktor Kee
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Silver - Festival Mondial du Cirque du Demain, Paris. (1994)
Silver - Festival International du Cirque de Monte Carlo (2003).