Other Acts: Vander Brothers

Location: UK

  Vander BrothersImpact Artists  

A unique act appearing in Great Britain for the third year running on the outdoor arena entertainment scene, having made its opening debut at the Glastonbury Festival in 1995. Presenting the Triple Wheel Spectacular, one of the most prestigious acts on the circuit today, it is the only Triple Wheel known to be in existence and is an 11 meter structure which rotates on a central axis with a cage at the end of each axial. The Vander Brothers enter the cages and commence to rotate the wheel at an ever increasing speed, walking, then running on the inside, then on the outside of the cages.

For those who remember the old 'Double Wheel of Death', which dominated the outdoor entertainment scene for seven years; will realise that this is an even more dangerous and spectacular act and one which will leave the crowd with their hearts in their mouths throughout, particularly when the artistes walk blindfold on the outside of the wheel.

The wheel is available as the 'Double Wheel of Death', or as the one of a kind 'Triple Wheel Spectacular' both acts are well suited to the outdoor arena, being constructed of stainless steel, it is highly effective in sunlight.

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