Acrobats: Valerie - Roue Cyr

Location: Canada

  Valerie - Roue CyrImpact Artists  

Val?©rie Laplante Bilodeau, a Qu?©bec (Canada) native, was first initiated into circus arts and a multitude of sports at the age of 4 by her mother, who was a physical education teacher. Later in life, Valerie became passionate about travelling and humanitarian aid, which has since led her to travel throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, Africa, Brazil, Haiti and China. Returning to her origins in 2002, she began her training at l‚Äô?âcole de Cirque de Qu?©bec where she went on to specialize in double aerial silk and roue Cyr. She had the good fortune to learn this new discipline directly from Daniel Cyr, the creator. Since then, she has presented her acts across the world in diverse festivals, cultural events, corporate shows and circuses. She continues to share her passion for the circus with disadvantaged youth in developing countries while also pursuing her research for movement among various dance styles, sports, martial arts and other techniques.

Her circus acts are creations inspired by personal experiences and people she has crossed in her journey. Greatly influenced by modern dance and cultural dances from the countries visited, she invites us to see life painted in the colors she perceives. The characters she has created are creatures born from her extremist nature, caricatures of the polar opposites in her personality. She transports us from the shadow of hidden faces to the light of passing days, hoping that each person can identify with those moving images.

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