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Location: UK

Tim Bat - Undiana JonesImpact Artists   Tim Bat - Undiana JonesImpact Artists

An affectionate parody of our favourite action hero.

Undiana Jones, Professor of Trickology at Oxbridge University, has travelled the four corners of the world in his lifetimeé─˘s quest for quirky tricks.

Undie discovered Spinning Tops in Japan and Mystical Magic in India. He has tamed Yoyos in The Phillipines, and the Devil Sticks in China; whipped his way around the Americas and learned Rope Spinning on the Ranches.

He has had many adventures on the way...
Who could ever forget é─˛Raiders of the Lost Parké─˘?
Undie squeezed out of trouble in é─˛Undiana Jones and the Pimple of Doomé─˘, and cleared up the mess in é─˛The Last Poosadeé─˘

All tricks will be demonstrated, and the secrets revealed, in Undiesé─˘ latest exciting adventure:


With the help of the audience, Undie unravels the mysterious whereabouts of the Kingdom of the Crystal Foot, which is mummified in the Sock of Primarni and encased in the Lead Boot of Doctor Marten. It holds the lost secret of the ancient art of Foot Juggling, an art coveted by Trickologists for centuries. It is said that anyone who looks at the big toe will go completely bonkers.

Nobody knows where it is until Undie is sent a mysterious message, written in a coded text which only children can decipher.

Undiana Jones and his trusted companion Mungus Mongoose set off in search of the Kingdom, outwitting the KGB and bringing the Crystal Foot back to ité─˘s rightful place, with the other one, somewhere South of Kneesden, NW10.

Thirty - Forty minutes (static shows) or walkabout performance

Tim Bat - Undiana Jones Tim Bat - Undiana Jones Tim Bat - Undiana Jones Tim Bat - Undiana Jones Tim Bat - Undiana Jones
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