Stilts: Twisted Dreams

Location: UK

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Twisted DreamsImpact Artists   Twisted DreamsImpact Artists

Stilt City
A world where darkness and insanity meet the theatrical and burlesque. Costumed in leather, watch the power struggle between the characters, as they pull each other through the crowds and struggle for dominance.

Twisted Dreams’ unique style has gone to work on a red theme, and out of that a colourful array of characters emerges, starting with the 10foot Queen of Hearts with her Drag Hatter sidekick…or let the glamour be twisted as some striking guests arrive for the masquerade ball.

Hit the waves with Twisted Dreams’ evil pirate princess, who, accompanied by her ship’s mate, appears to be attracting and unusually large number of birds…

Close Encounters of the Twisted Kind
Let these beings from another planet loose at your event. Part intergalactic explorers, part spaceship host and hostess, they will add a touch of glamour to any party or gathering, and are distinctly disco driven when allowed on the dancefloor. Perfect for space themes, futuristic events, or disco, white or silver themed parties.

Love Hurts – The Twisted Cupids
When love is in the air, it must be time for Cupid’s arrow to strike…and these twisted Cupids mean business. Part Narnia, part Lost Boys, part Village of the Damned…the Cupids stride amongst your guests looking for trouble to cause and a heart to strike.

Attack of the 10 foot Woman
An intrepid explorer has found a rather tall woman, and is bringing her to your event for you to look up to and marvel at. But watch out…she is angry and dangerous, and may even turn the tables on him before the day is through. Suitable for jungle, safari, tribal and explorer themes, and may be adapted to suit all age ranges and types of event.

Twisted Dreams Twisted Dreams Twisted Dreams
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