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'Trip-tic' deconstructs the seemingly everyday lives of three women, secrets develop, some discovered, some left un-turned.
Mimbre established themselves as a contemporary acrobatic company with their critically acclaimed show 'sprung'. For 'Trip-tic' they collaborate once again with Flick Ferdinando to create a show of physical brilliance, humour and beauty, with their inimitable style of dynamic acrobatics and choreography.
Performed on and around three specifically designed towers, this is a highly visual piece of acrobatic theatre, enriched by an ingenious musical score.

'Trip-tic' is created for outdoor performance or as a self-standing show in a bigger indoor venue (i.e. arena, shopping centre). It can however also be taken into a theatre venue or setting, with careful attention to the lighting (mimbre would bring own lighting designer).
Running time approx. 40 min.
Suitable for any age.

Mimbre - Trip-tic Mimbre - Trip-tic Mimbre - Trip-tic Mimbre - Trip-tic
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Press Credits:
"Ķ my accolade for Best Show goes to 'Trip-tic' from acrobatic dance company mimbre. Tightly disciplined, beautifully choreographed, with moments of physical daring that took the breath away, this was high art indeed - ballet for the 21st century."
'Venue', Bath/Bristol, June 2003

"mimbre is a contemporary acrobatic company consisting of three women with energy enough to power the national grid."
British Theatre Guide May 2003

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