Jugglers: Toby Walker

Location: UK

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Toby Walker used to be Wales' (UK) best kept secret. He appeared at a handful of UK juggling conventions and quickly became a juggling legend.

After training with Zippo's Circus Academy, Toby joined the skill packed Gandini Juggling Project. His amazing juggling abilities have continued to grow ever since.

In 1999 a 14 minute film titled 'Toby Walker' was filmed at The Circus Space and a limited run of 250 DVDs were released in 2002.

A few of his trademark tricks are as follows:

* Toby is possibly the only person to perform Five club Mills Mess.
* The stunning five club quads to flats.
* Toby regularly performs seven clubs.
* Five clubs with a head bounce.

Toby Walker Toby Walker
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