Weird: The Space Cowboy

Location: Australia/UK

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The Space Cowboy is a truly unique and exciting performer from Australia. He started exhibiting his unusual skills at his local markets at the age of eight, a natural born performer. Now at 27 years of age he has amazed audiences in 26 countries around the world to audiences ranging from 100 to 20,000 delighted onlookers at a time in packed theatres, circus big tops and stadiums. He has shown his diversity and skill by performing at the Edinburgh festival nine years in a row, exhibited three different shows in the Sydney Opera house, toured with famous rock bands, freaked out the motorcycle dare-devils in massive arena stunt shows, and displayed his extravagant abilities in front of the royal throne of Italy.

His unique and versatile performances that can range from 5 to 90 minutes long can cater for a wide range of events or TV shows, and his stunts and demonstrations are presented in a positive, friendly, action packed and ever-evolving form. All of his acts are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on all who witness this incredible phenomena.

The Space Cowboy The Space Cowboy The Space Cowboy The Space Cowboy
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