Magicians: James Freedman - The Man of Steal

Location: UK

  James Freedman - The Man of StealImpact Artists  

Whilst he meets and greets guests or poses as a waiter or butler, this pickpocket quietly 'borrows' watches, wallets, keys and other valuables. But don't worry, he gives it all back!
Incredibly, the audience are able to see and appreciate the incredible speed of the pickpocket while the volunteer never sees a thing.

For business audiences (especially banking, security and insurance!) who want something unique why not introduce our pickpocket posing as a company spokesman or industry expert? During his presentation a few members of the audience are invited to contribute as he pickpockets their watches, wallets and even their glasses and ties!

James can perform as walkabout, cabaret, after dinner or theatre entertainment.

James Freedman is a gold star member of the Inner Magic Circle.

"FantasticĶ a real professional"
Tom Cruise

"I was really enthusiastic to work with James. Hes one of the ultimate all-stars in his field today
Edward Norton

James Freedman - The Man of Steal James Freedman - The Man of Steal James Freedman - The Man of Steal
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