Stunts: Varanne - The Infernal Varanne

Location: France

  Varanne - The Infernal VaranneImpact Artists  

The Infernal Varanne is a company of incredible motor-bike riders performing some of the most dangerous stunts.


This spectacular act is presented for top entertainment, the most thrilling family show ever devised. Recommended for viewing by all ages, children and adults a like will be dumb founded by this fantastic motorcycle show.
The riders ride around inside the globe at a speed of 60 miles per hour, crossing and missing each other by inches.
Riding horizontal and perfectly vertical, this show is just... amazing!!!
As the spectators will not forget the show, they will never forget the place they saw it.


An indoor or open air attraction which is completely independant. The duration of this classical motorcycle stunt show is 15 minutes and we can perform it several times a day.

The motordrome is a show appreciated by a public of all ages. Ideal for : Mall and amusement park.

Capacity of the motordrome is: 200 to 250 spectators.

Varanne - The Infernal Varanne Varanne - The Infernal Varanne Varanne - The Infernal Varanne Varanne - The Infernal Varanne
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