Walkabout: Kamelyan - The Human Harp

Location: UK

Kamelyan - The Human HarpImpact Artists   Kamelyan - The Human HarpImpact Artists

The Human Harp, or Human Orchestra...installation or stage show.
An original Victorian styled Burlesque show with intriguing beauty. The show is enchanting, with instruments artistically made from old machinery and metal, each instrument a piece of art in itself, the instruments are attached to performers corsets and costumes, these attachments are the strings to the instrument. the instruments are amplified and played in a beautiful show or installation. Like a Victorian cabinet of marvels, curiosities come alive leaving the audience in an state of awe, embraced by strong yet beautiful imagery. the installation creates a musical and stunning visual ambient enviroment.
The show makes an exellent entrance installation where sensual performers greet the guests by blowing kisses and throwing petals, in an installation of sculptures, fabrics, flowers and ivy...

Kamelyan - The Human Harp
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