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Location: UK

The Hat CompanyImpact Artists   The Hat CompanyImpact Artists

Welcome to the world of Alf and Jack, aka é─˙THE HAT COMPANYé─¨.

Between us we have 24 years of street and circus performing experience, including No Fit State Circus, Arts Play Umbrella, Big Fun Circus, The Rocket Festival (Spain), Glastonbury Festival, Shambala Festival, Brighton Circus Festival, Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Summer Festival, Cardiff Childrené─˘s Festival, Bath Childrené─˘s Festival, Bristol Juggling Convention, The Sherman Theatre, Newport Arts Centre, The Custard Factory Birmingham and the Albany Cabaret to name a few.

We first started working together in 1998 on tour with Big Fun Circus. Touring the length and breadth of the U.K, Performing childrené─˘s Circus/Theatre shows and teaching circus and clowning to all age groups.

During this time we Formed é─˛The Hat Companyé─˘ and have been performing our own unique style of circus/comedy ever since.

Our piece is 10 minutes, its non verbal and set to music (Django Reinhardt)
Our style is old time vaudeville, which we call Black and white.
The Show begins with setting the stage but thaté─˘s when the stupidity starts. From erecting hat stands to finding hats we make even the simplest tasks entertaining.
Once the stage is set its time to get down to business with a stylish synchronised Hat Routine using six bowler hats set to mack the knife.
This act can also be performed with live musicians.

This Show runs for 5 to 40 minutes and can be performed indoors and out. It can be chopped and changed to suit your needs. It is fast paced and suitable for people of all ages.
The show consists of Lots of audience participation, comedy, Fun, Laughter and bags of skills.
During the show we perform a comic apple and fork routine (using 2 apples, 2 forks and 2 jackets)
1 unsuspecting audience member will be involved in 1 juggling routine they will never forget.
A synchronised stylish hat routine using 6 bowler Hats.
And a finale using 1 five-foot unicycle, 1 Box and six Fire torches.
We have our own Portable P.A so some of the pieces can be performed to music.

Armed with a small case each Alf and jack go forth to amuse, baffle and amaze just about everybody and anybody.

The Hat Company The Hat Company
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