Shows: Impact Artists - The Groovy Gang

Location: UK

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  Impact Artists - The Groovy GangImpact Artists  

Cool and funky, the Groovy Gang provide a 30-minute show that combines acrobatics and aerial antics with the best of 70's fashion.
Mixing bell bottomed trousers with a traditional love story, the Groovy Gang is a show that is suitable for all the family - just make sure that you don't start to "strut your funky stuff" as the music carries you away with it's infectious disco beat.
Containing many disco hits of the seventies, The Groovy Gang has a sound track that is guaranteed to start your feet tapping and your hips swaying.... it's disco time!

The Gang (Angel, the Duke, Shaggy and Maureen) are all feeling a little confused - it's spring and love is in the air. Unfortunately, both the Duke and Shaggy have fallen in love with Angel which is putting quite a strain on their friendship.
Meanwhile, Maureen has fallen for Shaggy which complicates the love triangle a bit further...

The Groovy Gang use Circus skills and physical theater to tell the story around this unravelling web of love, culminating in a thrilling Disco Circus finale.

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