Magicians: The Amazing Norvil and Josephine

Location: UK

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The Amazing Norvil and JosephineImpact Artists   The Amazing Norvil and JosephineImpact Artists

"La Belle Epoch…" the words conjure up images of the Moulin Rouge, Harry Houdini, and silent films… To continue in the great tradition of Music Hall, here are The Amazing Norvil and Josephine.

In this extraordinary comedy stage magic act, magician Christopher Howell (Member of the Magic Circle) joins forces with dancer and acrobat Desiree Kongerod. The impossible feats they perform include a woman being sawn in two, a table being made to float above the stage and as a finale the two performers -- in spite of impossible chains, locks and confinement -- change places in mere seconds.

To compliment Howell and Kongerod's world-class stage magic act, there is the distinctive twist of Desiree's comical contortions (or graceful aerial hoop dancing if facilities allow) as she is being serenaded by Christopher's striking baritone singing voice.

The Amazing Norvil and Josephine, already enjoyed by thousands, is an act of spellbinding illusion that defies categorization. Truly a magical and entertaining journey unlike any other.

Photos by: Kristian Skeie

The Amazing Norvil and Josephine The Amazing Norvil and Josephine The Amazing Norvil and Josephine The Amazing Norvil and Josephine
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Press Credits:
"A beautifully paced and spellbinding act." - The Stage

"The sawn-in-half sidekick gets her own back." - Time Out

"The act was a huge success. It never failed to impress... it was so imaginative the way you managed to combine the magic, singing and acrobatic act. Your entertainment most definitely set the mood for the evening and got the party started."
-Francesca Anderson - Senior Production Manager, Mask Event Design & Production