Walkabout: Techno Women

Location: UK

  Techno WomenImpact Artists  

Two beautifully engineered amazon sci-fi women are sent to Earth to select 'the perfect human being'. Clad in dresses reminiscent of 18th century elegance yet made with irridescent, reflective materials, the two women carefully inspect and detail the characteristics of the humans they come across.

As they travel through the reception, the guests are hit with an uncanny spectacle: their close up is now being played on the belly of one of the women (wearing an inbuilt LCD screen) while the other is filming them with an imperceptible camera hidden in her glove. A live feed provides immediate interaction between audience and performers.

Clients include: Microsoft, Mazda, Renault, Motorola, Walkers Crisps, Remy, MTV, Channel 4

Techno Women Techno Women Techno Women
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