Speciality Dance: Tara Ibrahim

Location: UK

Tara IbrahimImpact Artists   Tara IbrahimImpact Artists

Tara has been dancing professionally for over 8 years and has a vast and varied experience in belly dance and has worked all over the UK as well as abroad. She has held long term contracts in theatre in both Cairo and Sharm El Sheik, as well as having performed for Egyptian film and television (channels 1 and 3). She has worked and trained intensively with some of the most famous choreographers and directors in Egypt. Her main achievement in Egypt, was appearing in the biggest Oriental Musical ever made.

Tara has also held long term contracts in Japan, as well as having performed at prestigious events in Spain, Gambia, The Caribbean and most recently South Africa.

Tara now resides in London where she dances almost every night working at high profile events and venues.

Highlights of her career include dancing for the Brunei Royal Family and The Sultan of Oman, as well as dancing for the Hustle Pro Wresting Japan in front 18,000 people.

She works closely with the Arabic community and is a popular dancer, well known for her strong technique, unique style and authenticity of the dance.

She takes very seriously her continual training in belly dance to remain at the highest level, as well training and developing her skills in other dance forms such as Ballet, Jazz, African and Caribbean styles.

Tara Ibrahim Tara Ibrahim Tara Ibrahim
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