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Location: UK

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Taiko Meantime - Japanese Taiko Drummers
Taiko Meantime are based in Greenwich, London. They are one of the largest Taiko groups in the UK with 12 performing members.
Meantime play original Taiko compositions, but with roots based firmly in a rich bed of traditional taiko rhythms and techniques from all over Japan. Drawing upon this knowledge, their performances display a wide variety of physical playing styles, rhythms and musical textures.
They were founded in 2001 with generous support from the Japan2001 festival.
In 2004, they were honoured to perform a series of shows with Hana Yui, three members of the world-renowned Kodo drummers.
2005 sees a collaboration with the Henri Oguike Dance Company with whom they are performing to great critical acclaim.
The group is evolving, performing for diverse audiences all over the UK.
They continue to inspire those who see them with uplifting music, boundless energy and pure enjoyment of playing Taiko.