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Location: UK

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Swervy World is a band of talented musicians and performers specialisng in vintage dance music. They are available to hire for festivals, parties, cabaret, street shows and one off specialist events

The Swinging Chandeliers
This is the new name for the swervy world swing band, a five piece band- guitar, sax, steel guitar, double bass, drums and vocals. complete with P.a. and D.J. playing jump jive swing and rockin rhythym and blues. Available for stage or street events.
The Deep Sea Jivers
A five piece band, playing 60's surf instramentals, dressed in wetsuits, this is u.k's only masked surf band! with 12volt p.a. on a trolly, suitable for street walkabouts)
Musical Cabaret Show
Stephane and Dave - sax guitar and vocals: cool jazz, injected with daft musical gags and comedy tunes, suitable for street events and seated audience, bars, resturaunts, and non dance events.
The Swervy World of Stephane Spitz
Stephane solo with radio mic for free movement, backing tracks made by the band
D.J. Dickie Dansette
Stephane educating the world with his rare jazz, blues, rockabilly, rock and roll, surf and lounge vynal collection from the 1930's to 1960's, complete with P.A. and Decks.

Swervy World Swervy World Swervy World Swervy World
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