Stilts: Swebounce

Location: Sweden

SwebounceImpact Artists   SwebounceImpact Artists

Poweriser the extreme sport of the future.
Powerisers are bouncy stilts that you strap yourself into. They allow you to run as fast as 20mph and jump 2 meters high.
We like to jump over big things like cars and we have even jumped a van. The possibilities are endless, just go out there and make up your own tricks.
We use powerisers in our acrobatic performances, dancing, bouncing and doing somersaults. Our first performance on powerisers was seven years ago. Since then we have performed hundreds of shows. Cirkus cirk??r, Companie Isis, Cruise ships, Adidas, Philips, Mazda, Mercedes, Fashion shows, Music awards, cabarets and festivals are only a few of our employers.

Swebounce Swebounce Swebounce
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