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Suitcase Circus is true object theatre madness.
Ringmaster Bob, a seasoned old circus sock, introduces and abuses a line up, which greedily boasts some of the most freakishly unlikely bits and pieces every to grace a cabaret.
Within this extraordinary lineup a milkshake straw dances, two socks get lost in being odd, a potato sack performs acrobatics, we are serenaded by a cross dressing teapot, and much more besides.
Suitcase Circus is performed with a live musical accompaniment, as bizarre and extraordinary as the performance itself.

Oliver has been fearlessly perverting mundane objects for over a decade now, during this time he has been commissioned to design and construct puppets for theatre, and his puppetry has appeared on film and within music videos.

"Ķa unique piece of object theatre, its skillfully animated, richly dilapidated cast, had the audience captivated. I would thoroughly recommend this delightful and hilarious performance." Joanna Crowson, Circomedia, Bristol.

As well as being featured within countless festivals in New Zealand, Australia and Asia, Suitcase Circus, has been part of the 2007 Scotland Puppet Animation Festival, the 2007 Bath Puppet Festival and the Bristol May Fest.

Suitcase Circus Suitcase Circus Suitcase Circus Suitcase Circus
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Press Credits:
"Suitcase Circus, a fantastic puppetry act who transform a potato sack into a flying ninja with wit and grace." Lucy Ribchester, The Bitish Theatre Guide.