Bands / Musicians: Stringfever

Location: UK

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Stringfever - the fantastic & unique after dinner cabaret act.
Stringfever are not a string quartet - or at least not as you know one. With their striking electric instruments Giles, Ralph, Neal & Graham Broadbent (yes they really are from the same family) will provide you with a rollercoaster ride of musical entertainment combining unrelenting energy, humour and audience interaction with great musical skills.

Their show includes such highly original numbers as 'The history of music in 5 minutes' a high-paced romp through time from Mozart to Metallica. They also provide an amazing display of musical gymnastics in their very own version of Ravel's Bolero - with the whole group playing on one cello at the same time. As if all that isn't enough to ensure a fun-packed evening, they involve the audience in a competition with a grand prize for any table guessing all 20 tunes in their fantastic film themes medley and for the traditionalists there are also such classics as Summer from Vivaldi¬„s Four Seasons and a very funky Eleanor Rigby!

The standard after dinner show has a running time of approximately 30 minutes but the length can be varied to suit any particular event. Stringfever are happy to listen to any clients ideas for tailoring specific numbers for inclusion in their event.