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Location: UK & Canada

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Stretch People have the perfect act for your corporate event.
The act is a 7 minute perfect balance of comedy and skill. Stretch People present the Chair dance set to the 'Blue Danube Waltz' by Strauss and builds to the world renowned finale chair stack. A balance of two men, four chairs, a table and two brown broken bricks.
Stretch People have performed all over the world for major corporations and private parties. They have tailored they act to fit in with corpororate and party themes, reinforcing messages and highlighting aims.

Their cabaret act runs between 5 and 25 minutes depending on what is required.
The Chair Dance, a marriage of classical music and two blokes behaving like 4 year olds, cushions, a beautiful guitar piece accompanied with two old bent spoons, a hilarious take on 'dueling banjos' Stretchy style and slapping.
What a perfect evening.
Trying desperately to win the approval of anyone, failing and blaming each other for their shortcomings. Especially John as he is small.

Stretch People Stretch People Stretch People
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