Stilts: Duel Impact - Spacemen

Location: UK

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3...2...1... we have lift off.

It's the year 2458.

During a routine training mission, somewhere near the constellation of Orion, these two rookies from the intergalactic police force became lost during their first solo space flight.... they were abandoned, thought to be dead.

For the last two years, Cadets Phipps & Downie have survived by scavenging what they can from the long abandoned space mines in the Orion nebula. Mines which are now a safe haven for most of the scum of the universe- cut throats & space pirates who would love to get their hands on any member of the intergalactic police force.......

They are on the run, they are scared and the pirates are closing in on them.
Remember... In space no-one can hear you scream.