Weird: Solar

Location: UK

SolarImpact Artists   SolarImpact Artists

Solar and its 4 members have toured extensively all over the world performing at important Corporate, Social and special events in Europe, Asia and Australasia
The new and groundbreaking é─˛Modus Illuminatisé─˘ Show is an attempt to evolve the é─˛Fire Showé─˘. By blending Fire with classic Street Theatre, musical performance, dance, mime, circus skills, Adagio and comedy, making é─˛Modus Illuminatisé─˘ a more engaging experience for the audience.
The full 40 minute Stage/Street show, is costumed and choreographed to a variety of musical styles. It includes 8 different acts, which may be cut and combined according to environments, audiences and time limitations. Acts include: Body Burning and Eating with Hat manipulation and Adagio. Comedy Club Swinging with Guitar, Trumpet and Pan-Pipes! with a gun slinging shoot-out. Thereé─˘s a high skill Double Staff routine including passing between members (this is a skill few in the world have and is being developed as a new Art Form for showcasing next year). Comedy é─˛Trick Poié─˘, a highly original Mixed Tools set with 4 person Adagio, Partner Poi, and the é─˛Flaming Snake and FireWhip Finaleé─˘ guaranteed to blow any audience away, not literally!
If Fire is not appropriate for you event we can provide amazing visuals with Light and U.V. effcts.

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