Added Extras: Sky Lanterns

Location: UK

Sky LanternsImpact Artists   Sky LanternsImpact Artists

Sky Lanterns can make the perfect impact on your evening.
Sky Lanterns (khoom fay) utilise the power of fire to create an enchanting effect. They rise gently into the sky to capture your perfect moment, lasting anything up to 30 minutes.
You may have heard rumours of UFO's and trails of glowing lights in the dark of night........ well here they are. Our Sky Lanterns light displays may look ethereal but they are of this world.

We have experienced staff on hand to ensure the smooth running of the display. Sky Lanterns are truly breath taking, creating an ambiance of tranquility. We are honoured to bring this enchanting innovation to you from the scintillating shores of Asia.

Creating that special moment is our mission, providing that everlasting memory is our gift.
For your peace of mind all our Sky Lanterns displays are covered by a 5 million pound public liability insurance. Also our Sky Lanterns are totally biodegradable.

Sky Lanterns Sky Lanterns Sky Lanterns Sky Lanterns
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