Shows: Skinning The Cat

Location: UK

Skinning The CatImpact Artists   Skinning The CatImpact Artists

Britain's foremost all female aerial troupe have a range of shows to offer.

Claire de Lune:
Claire de Lune is performed on a 5-meter high lunar structure on wheels, which parades around your site, climaxing in a lyrical ballad. Captives of the burlesque mistress of ceremonies Sideshow Barb; these exotic beasts in human form are put through their paces to entertain the public. Free of the law of gravity, they circle the earth, performing their beautiful aerial dance to the accompaniment of haunting music.
"Skinning the Cat's Claire de Lune, a luscious mix of burlesque costume, poetic text and aerial dance" Circus Arts News - Total Theater Magazine

Phenomena performances are designed specifically for your venue
* on our 9 meter high Silver Tree rig OR, specially tailored for your building Phenomena can involve from one to ten performers, indoors or outdoors
* fast and dynamic aerial acrobatic routines between 10 and 30 minutes on any combination of trapeze, spinning and flying rope
* from the elegance of just one rope to giant celebrations of spaces using stunning aerial skills, costumes and dance, fire and effects
"a shimmering nine-metre silver tree dominated the set and the trio, clad in stunningly elaborate sparkly costumes, worked on all manner of aerial equipment suspended from it" The Stage

Performed within a colossal Gaudiesque realm, this giant aerial frame facilitates graceful & dynamic body language in the space between earth & sky. The Sideshow Barkers and The Warrior Princesses battle over the fate of The Heroine, who is the innocent target in this kaleidoscopic domain. Join us in our waking dream...