Artists: Simon Cassini

Location: UK

Related Acts: Sheba Cassini
Simon CassiniImpact Artists   Simon CassiniImpact Artists

Live caricaturing has become the classic entertainment for corporate dinners, cocktail parties, staff or office do's, buttering-up-the-client events, product launches, team building sessions, birthdays, weddings and barmitzvahs.

No-one has to pose - we work with clipboards amongst the crowd or across the dinner table onto A4 card. Each caricature takes just 3-4 minutes (depending on nose size) and invariably creates banter repartee and laughter between the victim and the onlookers.
And of course at the end of the night the lucky guests have a unique souvenir to take home and hang in the toilet.

Simon Cassini also works with Sheba Cassini as " Bitter and Twisted"
The best London caricaturist double act in the UK.
The funniest, the fastest, and the best!
Available for any event, together or seperately.

Simon Cassini Simon Cassini Simon Cassini Simon Cassini
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