Wire Walkers: Simet

Location: Hungary

Related Acts: Laszlo Simet
SimetImpact Artists   SimetImpact Artists

High Wire:
The best and most elegant High Wire Act. It can be performed up to 10 meters high, without the use of lunge or safety net. It features the unique stilt-walking, skipping, leaping, and the daring chair combination with 2 men high.

The ultimate spectacle; riding up to the 30 m high mast. If requested, can be done between any 2 suitable object, anywhere, any height.

"Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth" said Archimedes. "Give me a wire in the Universe, and I walk on it" says Laci Simet. Simet will also "Skywalk" between two buildings of your choice!

Simet Simet Simet Simet Simet
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