Magicians: Shahid Malik

Location: UK

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In the world of Magic & Illusion, self-styled Magician & Escapologist Shahid Malik - regarded by many as Britains most exciting Magician - commands a huge reputation entertaining and mesmerising audiences all around the globe.

His unique & original style and presentation leave a lasting impression - once youve seen him youll never forget the experience, a breath-taking performance is always guaranteed!
From Iceland to Bangkok, Egypt to India, Shahid has spent the last 25 years travelling the world and performing his sensational Magic & Escape Stunts; from Night-clubs and Theatres to Exhibitions and Outdoor Spectaculars, Shahid is in constant demand by the top shows, Cabarets, Conferences and major Corporate clients.

Awarded the supreme accolade of "Magician of the Year" 85 86 (by the International Brotherhood of Magicians), holder of 2 World Records for his death-defying Escape stunts (escaping from a Strait-Jacket : "The Fastest" - at 13 seconds, and "The Highest" - at 1,800 feet, suspended from a Helicopter !), regular appearances on top TV shows, Royal Command performances both at home and abroad - all this and much more has taken Shahid and his beautiful wife Lisa, to heights rarely achieved in the amazing world of Magic & Illusion. There can be no doubt why Shahid Malik is regarded as Britain's most exciting Magician and possibly the finest Escape Artiste in the World !