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Nick was born in 1949 the second son of professional comedian, Billy Richmond. He had no choice but to move into show business being surrounded, as he was, by a very talented family of entertainers.
Nick's first love quickly became Magic and it still is. He is (like Sir Sean) an accomplished close-up magician, a member of three magical societies and also a professionally trained member of British Actors Equity.

In 1986, Sean Connery starred in a film called 'The Name of the Rose' wearing a beard and without his usual toupee for the first time. It was then that family and friends began to notice the strong resemblance that Nick bears to the great man. Nick was invited to parties and weddings more than ever before, especially if he would wear the White Tuxedo!

In the early 90's, Nick decided to explore the possibilities and signed up with his first agency. They supplied him with engagements on evenings and weekends while he held down his job as an Auditor. When redundancy hit, in late 98', Nick took the plunge and became a full time professional impersonator. With the help of a government scheme and an enterprise grant he persuaded over 70 agencies world-wide to promote his services and has never looked back.

Over the years Nick has honed his impersonation to a very high degree and not only looks like the world's favourite Bond but has his voice, walk, mannerisms, expressions, and all of Sean's catchphrases perfected.

To date Nick has worked in the USA, Africa, Asia, the Orient, throughout the UK and Europe. He has been featured on television, press and radio internationally.

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