Other Acts: Schorsch Bross

Location: Germany

Schorsch BrossImpact Artists   Schorsch BrossImpact Artists

The Alphorn Madness (8 minutes)
Schorsch Bross coaxes not just ordinary notes from his Alpine French Horn, but sounds bizarre and not-of-this-world. Furthermore, he plays the instrument in unusual positions. A unique combination of sounds, artistry and clowning.

The Unicycle Comedy (about 13 minutes)
Comedy and variety at its best. Ecstatic audience guaranteed, when he has finally mounted his high unicycle, balances his umbrella and starts juggling with rings.

Song of harmonic sounds (3 minutes)
Singing with two voices, Schorsch Bross presents the harmonic sounds with empathy and comedy as a "South Mongolian love song".

The Soap Bubbles Performance
A poetic number, his play with soap bubbles and a glass sphere, a droll voyage into a world of fantasy and illusion.

Schorsch Bross Schorsch Bross
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