Artists: Sarah Bailey

Location: UK

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Have pen will travel. That's the motto of artist Sarah Bailey. She tours the nation on a one-woman crusade to make people see themselves in a whole new light.

Proudly proclaiming her motto of "Ten years of caricature and never been sued!". Sarah can be found at many of the season's top events raising a smile with her quick drawing and equally quick wit.

Better still, if you can't come to Sarah then she can come to you. Whatever your event from Weddings to Barmitzvahs, from Parties to Corporate Events, from Here to There and Back again. Sarah can be there entertaining your guests and leaving them with a unique momento of the occasion.

For those determined to stay at home, Sarah offers a pictorial postal service. Just supply her with a photo together with a few details and she will produce a quality colour caricature.

Sarah Bailey Sarah Bailey Sarah Bailey Sarah Bailey Sarah Bailey
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