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Location: UK

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The story of Russell Watson is inspirational. It depicts the meteoric rise of a humble factory worker from Salford who was catapulted into international singing stardom. He has sold millions of records worldwide and has performed for some of the most influential people of our time including the King of Malaysia, The President of the United States, the Emperor of Japan, our very own Prime Minister Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Germany, various powerful Sultans, The Beckhamé─˘s and even the late Pope John Paul II who requested a private audience with Russell at the Vatican in Rome. After staging a recent concert at Windsor Castle in the presence of Prince Charles and Camilla Duchess of Cornwall, Prince Charles requested Russellé─˘s services as an ambassador for his coveted charity The Princes Trust. Keeping it in the é─˛Royalé─˘ family, Russell has been invited to numerous functions hosted by Queen Elizabeth II including a recent visit to Buckingham Palace.