Jugglers: Ruslan Fomenko

Location: Ukraine

Ruslan FomenkoImpact Artists   Ruslan FomenkoImpact Artists

Ruslan was born in 1976 in a family of circus artistes.
In 1991 he went to Circus School in Kiev and graduated from it in 1996 as a juggler. After that he decided to leave Kiev for Moscow. In summer 1996, he went to Moscow to "Old Moscow Circus of Nikulin" where he showed his act to famous circus director Valentine Gneoushev and asked him to work together. He agreed and they made a juggling act in Russian folk style. The music for this act was specially composed by Mikhail Ekimian.
The premier of the act took place in the Old Moscow Circus. After that, in 1997, he was invited to the "FESTIVAL MONDIAL DU CIRQUE DE DEMAIN" in Paris, where he won the Gold Medal. Since then he began to perform in Europe at variety-theatres and circuses.

Ruslan Fomenko Ruslan Fomenko Ruslan Fomenko Ruslan Fomenko Ruslan Fomenko
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Gold medal, "Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain," 1997.