Walkabout: Fluke - Rot & Jinx

Location: UK

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Fluke - Rot & JinxImpact Artists   Fluke - Rot & JinxImpact Artists

In search of enchantment, the exotic and the unexpected?
From Flukes phantasmagoria of wondrous creatures emerges the mystical Jinnx.
She is clad in a rich deep purple velvet suit, adorned with gold, copper and silver shimmering serpents with beady red eyes. Crimson lights illuminate the jacket and encrust the collar, giving her face an unearthly glow.
Gravity defying hair, and bold, ornate make-up decorates her face. Jinnx is a striking addition to any soiree.
With quirky, fluid and agile movements she mingles amongst her guests, impish one moment, witty the next, and in the twinkling of an eye a woman of mystery and deception.

Rottus Rotweiler, affectionately known as Rot, is an intriguing and rather dusty character.
His occasional need to seek out human company and affection brings out a mischievous and engaging sense of humour in him.
His prized possession of a dismembered hand rarely leaves his side. In fact, be prepared for his other many strange and wondrous quirks of nature!
Rot rarely speaks, but then one look from him can say so much.
In his unique walkabout style as the butler from hell, Rot will amaze, amuse, surprise, bewilder and sometimes unnerve. Give him a call he may be persuaded to attend your event.