Stunts: Roslyn Walker

Location: UK

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Roslyn Walker is one of very few people in the World to specialise in the art of escapology and he's only 24.

Ever since Roslyn was a small child he has been fascinated by those people who could get out of a sticky situation.
''It wasn't just those people that stood on stage and broke out of handcuffs and straitjackets that caught my imagination as a kid,'' said Roslyn. ''I loved to hear stories about real people that managed to escape from real situations.''
From early on Roslyn would get his kid brother to tie him up and leave him to see if he could get out.
Roslyn said: ''I wouldn't always make it. But on those days when I did get out it felt so good.''
He first started along the long road as a performer when he joined Circus Maniacs youth circus school at the age of 14. It was here that he learnt how to juggle and more importantly how to entertain an audience.
The first escape
By 18-years-old Roslyn left circus school and the UK and headed for Germany to perform as a juggler in bars and nightclubs.
It wasn't long before Roslyn began looking for something different to add to his shows.
''I was on the internet and stumbled across a site that sold straitjackets, so I bought one. I taught myself how to get out of it and began performing it. The rest, as they say, is history,'' said Roslyn.