Jugglers: Rony Gomez

Location: Spain

Rony GomezImpact Artists   Rony GomezImpact Artists

The virtuosity and energy of this act creates a spectacular demonstration of Rony G??mez's skill. The balls seem to be alive, creating a dynamic performance where the most difficult thing seems to be easy. Rony combines choreography, acrobatic moves and dance skills, forming an original and contemporary bounce juggling act.

In addition Rony G??mez has taken part in one of the most important Circus Festivals in the world, earning the Bronze Lion Prize at the Wuqiao International Circus Festival in China. He has also won the Special Prix Cirque Medrano at the Festival Mondial Cirque de Demain in Paris. Rony has Worked in variet? show venues like Krystallpalast Variet?, Germany and other shows in Japan, Spain, Italy and more.

Rony Gomez Rony Gomez Rony Gomez Rony Gomez Rony Gomez
Rony Gomez Rony Gomez
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