Jugglers: Rock Juggler

Location: Russia

Rock JugglerImpact Artists   Rock JugglerImpact Artists


Rock-juggler with guitars (6 min.)
Rock-juggler on drums (6 min.)

These two performances are done in similar style, so they can be performed both separately and together non-stop. In that way they create a unified
mini-show (10 minutes). In this show instruments and attributes of rock-musicians are used in different variable circus tricks. Though the tricks are done
by one performer, the sense of the show is expressed by both artists. In this show well-selected music of the following styles is used:
Ģ Rock
Ģ Classic
Ģ Spanish

Musical Material was selected noting different age auditorium, without any stress upon hard rock. If necessary artists can work partially with live music

Emotional explosion of this performance is a spectacular and complicated juggling with a guitars and a microphone holder. Also artists are skilled in
playing on drums, using an unusual way juggling with drumsticks with simultaneous brakes percussion on drums equipment.