Acrobats: Robert Maaser

Location: Germany

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At the age of 9, Robert had his first experience with wheel gymnastics. His love of performing began with sports gymnastics, which led Robert to work in the genre of wheel gymnastics. In the first 3 years of his career he already took part in international training camps and international shows.
After only 5 years in this sport he fell into line with the worlds top-gymnasts by becoming Junior-Worldchampion at the age of 14 the youngest Worldchampion ever. He has been part of the German National Team for 5 years now and is one of the world's best German Wheel acrobats. During the Worlchampionships 2007 in Salzburg /Austria, Robert Maaser was the first male junior who won all possible titles in the history of wheel gymnastics. At the moment, he is a 5-times Worldchampion and is looking forward to be part of the next Worldchampionships 2009 with the seniors.
Robert Maaser is also known in the martial art scene of Germany due to his german champion in full contact karate in 2004. At the momemt, he practise several kinds of martial arts like kick-boxing, boxing and Muay Thai with the aim to perform as a stuntman. Due to his experiences in breakdancing and freerunning since 2003 he is very flexible concerning different acts and performances and can be used as a dancer or acrobat as well.

Robert Maaser Robert Maaser Robert Maaser
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5 Time World Champion - German Wheel