Jugglers: Rob Horsman

Location: UK

Related Acts: Banta
Artists: Rob Horsman
Rob HorsmanImpact Artists   Rob HorsmanImpact Artists

Crystal Balls
The unbelievable, the incredible and the magical all rolled into one. Rob Horsmans' contact juggling is a chance to witness this rare and forgotten art, the art of crystal ball manipulation.
Up to seven balls can be seen in fluid motion around Rob's body, rolling and balancing and being deftly manipulated, creating patterns of synchronous beauty both in the air and balanced upon the body.
This act is a must see simply because of it's rarity and it's elegance. Guaranteed to supply beautiful, mystical entertainment.

Club Juggling
State of the art juggling. This act is juggling at its most complex and beautiful. A five minute act comprising of some of the most difficult tricks in 3, 4, and 5 club juggling mixed with sequences and style of an intricate beauty. Not just a juggling act!

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