Artists: Relatively Real

Location: UK

Relatively RealImpact Artists   Relatively RealImpact Artists

Relatively Real present a unique concept that has never been done before! They can work either as a sideshow or feature at your event to give your guests a fun, interactive and personal experience.

Every painting we do is as unique as your guest's fingerprint! This is because we ask some carefully crafted questions which gives us a peek into what makes them tick.

This is how it works in '3 Easy Steps':

Step 1: Your guests are given some fun and intriguing questions to fill in. Every 25 minutes their answers are collected. A lucky guest's name is then drawn.

Step 2: Their answers are cleverly interpreted into an original painting by our talented artist, with your guest's body becoming the canvas!

Step 3: They then enter the private booth where our professional photographer takes their picture for prosperity - reminding them of your event for years to come!

Our artist uses the highest quality theatrical paints and fixer. This means the paint will not come off on your guest's clothes - perish the thought! Each painting lasts for a few days. This allows your guests to have peace of mind, i.e. the painting won't come off on their clothes if they work up a sweat dancing or when they go swimming etc. However, with a bit of
warm soapy water their painting will wash off in no time!

Relatively Real Relatively Real Relatively Real Relatively Real Relatively Real
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