Aerialists: Hive of Industry - Rebound

Location: UK

  Hive of Industry - ReboundImpact Artists  

Not only do Hive of Industry present unique and innovative aerial crane shows, but they also have a range of stunning acts to offer:-

Woven Butterfly: Aerial Silks
A Woven Butterfly spins a crimson thread suspending a body effortlessly in space. Weaving & binding through a journey of balletic choreography creating hypnotic imagery.
Duration: 7 mins

Whirlpool: Webspin
Breathtakingly fast spins, Whirlpool builds to an awesome climax. Watch as an aerialist connected by their wrist reaches a blur, a dynamic & spectacular duet.
Duration: 8mins

Rebound: Solo bungee
Dynamic & explosive solo. An aerialist toys with the audience from a high aerial hoop, before launching into the depths below. She rebounds somersaulting & spinning with high energy & jaw dropping tricks.
Duration: 7 mins

Slipstream: Double bungee
A highly original double bungee hoop duet based on the principles of Newtonian physics, showcasing new aerial technology and a unique movement vocabulary.
Two aerial performers attach bungee elastics to their full body harnesses. They launch into the depths below, rebounding and whirling around each other; their somersaulting bodies taking turns to fill the air. Sometimes graceful, sometimes playful, catching for a moment with split timing and precision.