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What starts a fire? A spark.

Quemar, which means to burn, is a poem in action and the talent it manifests from the passion burning inside of us.

The show is dominated by the idea of fire, flames, heat, lighté─Â from its fury and from its purity.

In the show, the spark of passion is passed on, from one to another. Like fire, passion consumes as it goes and changes direction with the wind. The show is interpreted by a mixed cast from the USA, England, France, Switzerland, and Italy. Each of the artists in the cast comes packed with talents that cross over disciplines as diverse as dance, acrobatics and luminescent juggling.

Under a background of flickering, hypnotic flames, the audience will witness the strength and grace of arms and legs straining hard and letting go, the kaleidoscopic whirlpool of lights that cover the sensuality of the body, the charged electric atmosphere of sculpted beauty suspended in air, defying gravity.

é─˙Quemaré─¨ will be a night dedicated to the love that we transfer from to one to another, until finally, at last, the hearts of the artists and the audience are aflame.

The cast is made up of performers of the highest level, including the world champion aerobics Gym champion and the prima ballerina of Momix dance company. All have grown up in the ambience of the Noveau Cirque.

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