Acrobats: Qibu Acrobatics Group

Location: China

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Most acts from the Qibu Acrobatics Group have won acrobatics awards. In their routines, they reform the traditional Chinese Acrobatic style in an innovative way. "Swaying pole and flying rope" is the groups original creation program and won an international gold medal. They participated in the Spring Festival Evening of Public Security Ministry and large-scale opening ceremony of the seventh China art festival at Hangzhou city and so on. The audiences have unforgettable impressions about its ingenious arrangement, extensive vigour and strong artistic appeal.
Swaying pole and flying rope changed traditional fixed poles into swaying poles and puts three poles at every row. They can swing at angles of up to 100?. Then performers make two rows swing alternately and fly when poles are swaying, the performers climb and jump quickly between the poles just like nimble monkeys fly in the forest freely. The scene is grand and thrilling and unsurpassed.

Qibu Acrobatics Group Qibu Acrobatics Group Qibu Acrobatics Group
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