Dance Groups: Pure Funk

Location: UK

Pure FunkImpact Artists   Pure FunkImpact Artists

Available for most indoor and outdoor occasions, dancers ranging from age 6-26 years of age who are experienced performers in Street and Commercial Dance styles. We can tailor performances to many commercial themes and events including outdoor festivals, fashion shows, hotels, music videos, theatres, road shows, and other promotional events.

Acts can be created with up to 40 dancers. Age range of performers can be specified. Performances readily available are Hip Hop/Urban dance based including breakdancing, streetdance, robotics and acrobatics. We can also create performances to compliment a pioneering MTV music artist such as Michael Jackson (Smooth Criminal/Thriller) or Madonna, or use a base theme such as é─˛Wild Westé─˘ or é─˛Gangstersé─˘.

As our primary role is as a Workshop Company, we can also offer interactive events involving a performance followed by a participatory street/breakdance taster!

Pure Funk Pure Funk Pure Funk Pure Funk Pure Funk
Pure Funk Pure Funk
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